These paintings stem from the countless vacation hours I have spent walking the beaches of Florida, marveling at the surf, fascinated by the motion of water on the sand. They are about color, light, composition, and texture, and not so much about painting a traditional seascape. They are representations of an immeasurable moment in time when the tide is neither coming in nor going out, but somewhere in-between. They depict a small cube in space -- the area between the vast ocean behind and the wide beach in front, and between the solid earth below and the endless sky above. I am trying to capture the relentless pull of the water out to sea, the sparkle of the sun, and the serenity of sand beneath the waves. 

As  the rhythm of waves moves much like the rhythm of a musical score, I have titled the later paintings in this series with Italian words that describe musical tempo. 








Cantando Trio

Vero Beach - Aternoon

Vero Beach - Dawn

Viola Rigoletta

Slack Tide Study #1

Slack Tide Study #2